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The blurred lines of time are one aspect of my practice.
As a person living in Modernity, I want to translate that process within an image, to tell a new narrative. The modern person who contemplates being a character that knows the notion of time. This can make the present state a sort of ‘limbo’, where there is a past and there is a future, but the creation of now is yet to come because it can be seen as an ongoing endeavor.
Human psychology interests me greatly and how a person deals with embodying identity.

What happens when attempting to detect moments again without any concrete precedent?
My paintings are often based on photographs of people that I do not know.

May there be a portrait of party photos of the working class from the 70’s in Norway, Wedding greeting cards or found photography from books with set-up photograph of the late 1800s.

Ideally, I hope to introduce paintings that contains no negative condemnation of the subjects presented, but that they juxtapose a tragi-comic portrayal of hidden and underlying motives of time.